Friday, 7 May 2010

Team Around the Family

So I went to the 'team around the family' meeting today which was held at Sam's nursery. I took Sam to his classroom first and he went without any fuss or crying which was great!

It was nice meeting up with all Sam's professionals and we discussed mainly his education at nursery and the things that were already in place to help him and things that will be put in place to help him learn. We talked about his individual education plan (IEP) and how we are starting off with one goal for the moment and that goal is to get Sam to play/interact with his support worker for one minute. It sounds so simple, but it will probably be quite hard. He needs to want the interaction and to concentrate on it for a whole minute. This will be reviewed near the end of the summer term when we have another meeting. I left the meeting with a really good feeling and lots of good ideas.

One of the ideas is using a visual timetable with photos of the places Sam goes, people he sees, things he does etc. So he can see the order in which he'll do things and perhaps be able to communicate what he wants or where he wants to go. So I've got lots of photos to take!

Afterwards, it was too late for me to go anywhere else and too early to take Sam home, so I got to go outside and watch him playing. He was having so much fun running up and down a hill, a couple of little girls started following him and one kept trying to give him a hug, which of course he was wriggling to get away from! She said to me 'That's Samuel'! So funny, perhaps he has a little admirer!

As a family, we've managed to get transferred from our dentist back in Grange to Barrow instead which will make life a bit easier. Andy explained about Sam and they were quite happy to see him so as well as an appointment for me, we now we have an appointment for Sam to see the dentist for the first time ever near the end of May, eek! We have such a hard time cleaning his teeth that I'm kind of dreading the lecture I'm sure I'll get but we'll see what happens.

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