Saturday, 5 June 2010


So Andy has now left his old job and started a new one! He was working at a busy pub in Ulverston, working loads of hours and mainly late into the night. Now he's the chef at a cafe back in Grange over Sands and is working mainly 9-5, so he's home every night to help me with the boys! Woohoo too, as the boys have been a bit difficult recently at bedtime. During the summer the owners of the cafe want it opening 3 evenings a week till about 8pm, but that is still so much better for us than before!

Sam is certainly liking having his daddy home every night, he's a real daddy's boy! William on the other hand is a real mummy's boy and to be honest it's getting a bit much. He's soooo clingy with me and doesn't like it when I leave the room. This is not something I experienced with Sam at all, he had no separation anxiety issues and would quite happily play whilst I got a few jobs done.

I have registered on a PECS workshop in Kendal in a couple of weeks time. I'm so excited about that. It would be nice to know what I was doing when we start trying PECS with Sam again.

We've had some really nice weather here now for a few days and I am really missing having a garden. Our tiny backyard (and I mean postage stamp tiny) is just not enough really. We've set up a makeshift sandbox for Sam out there and he delights in throwing it all about the yard, if I can find a pic I will add it to the post later. It would be nice though to be able to do some gardening again (this was a real therapeutic thing for me before) or sit out in the sun! Maybe one day we'll get one again.

Hope everyone is enjoying the sunny weather!