Thursday, 15 April 2010

Positive Things!

Well, once again sorry for not having blogged in ages! To be honest I just haven't felt there was anything to blog about!

This week has been a thoroughly positive one though. I have been feeling better in myself, the sun has been shining so I've been able to get out with the boys more, I've had extra help as both my parents have been to stay and now Andy is off work on holiday for a bit so that is great.

Sam started his new nursery class yesterday and despite being upset at first he got to go outside for about an hour so must have had a bit of fun. His teaching assistant asked us if we could bring him in 10 minutes after everyone else has come in as the coming and going of kids and their parents seems to be upsetting him a bit. He is going again tomorrow afternoon, so hopefully he'll be a little more settled.

Next week our area's early years teacher is going to observe him at nursery which I'm thrilled about. Finally something is happening for him. Our health visitor (HV) came to see us about Sam a couple of days ago and she is really pushing things forward. She wants to have a family meeting with some of the professionals working with Sam (like the early years teacher and his teaching assistant, maybe his SaLT) to work out what is the best way of supporting him and looking at his immediate future. I am so pleased about this. When you don't hear anything for a while you start to think you've dropped off the radar!

The HV also wants to form a local parent and toddler group for children with ASD which is terrific. Normal parent and toddler groups aren't always suitable for those kids with special needs no matter how much you want them to work. This way I can meet other mums and dads who are local and in my position.

Today we went out for the morning to Grizedale Forest, a tourist attraction in the lakes with lots of forest walks, mountain bike trails etc. We had a lovely walk, Sam actually walked a lot himself (we didn't bring his buggy) and stayed on the trail and everything when he wasn't having his hand held by Andy. He even got lifted onto Andy's shoulders and was very happy about it. He's only done it now a couple of times, and really doesn't know he should be clinging on so Andy has to hold his hands tightly, but even still this has been real progress for him this morning!

William is still lovely and smiley and growing ever bigger! He tries grabbing everything in sight including Sam (who I am beginning to think is liking the attention).

Well that's all for now!