Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Getting the Right Support

Ok, so long time again since I last blogged, got lots going on, especially with Sam.

At the end of this week we've got a 'team around the family' meeting between myself, the health visitor, Sam's support worker at nursery and the Early Years teacher. And also perhaps his speech therapist. Hopefully we'll come up with a plan together of how best to help Sam learn and progress. I have been wanting something like this meeting to take place for ages now, so excited!

The Early Years teacher came and observed Sam at nursery one afternoon last week and had some suggestions for teaching him. Sam is very tactile as I've mentioned before and so she suggested using sensory toys (which they did the following session and he loved it!), also taking the indoors outdoors as he is so calm and happy when outside, and also intensive interaction therapy which is where the teacher mimics Sam in his noises/movements/play in order to get a response/interaction. This is something we do in our house anyway all the time!

Another thing we've been to is a Portage drop in playgroup for disabled children. They only take on a certain number of families but because the Portage worker is also the organiser of the local NAS branch and is a lovely person she invited us along to join in. It's good for Sam and good for us as parents to meet up with other parents. Two of the little boys who are also attending the playgroup go to Sam's nursery and one of them is in Sam's classes. We went to this morning's session and got to go into a sensory room. I really wasn't sure if Sam would be interested, but once the main lights were out and the bubble tube came on he was hooked! He loved the lights and movement, really was enthralled. So enthralled that he didn't want to leave the room! We've been told that we can use it any time it's available for free, just to call ahead and book it! So many doors are opening up to us for Sam and we are feeling very very lucky.

William is doing well, he's sitting up on his own (well for a few minutes anyway!) and he is really moving now in his baby walker! He seems to have discovered his voice this week and has been babbling away like mad (and happily screaming too!). I think he's going to be a chatterbox someday!

Sorry for such a long post, I should really write little and often! Oh well!

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