Tuesday, 11 May 2010


Andy needed to wash his motorbike today, so he drove it around the back of the house into the alley running parallel to our street. He took Sam out to hopefully 'watch' and to be honest I had my doubts about doing this. There are no gates to either end of this alley, one end leads onto the main road and the other onto a smaller side street. Either way, if he started running (as he likes to do) we could be in trouble!

But he loves Andy's motorbike even more than running so he stuck around and watched! Then he got his ball from our little back yard and had a kick around with Andy in the back alley. And I mean a proper kick around, he looked like a right little footballer (even had his Chelsea top on)! Then he chased Andy for a bit and Andy kept throwing him up into the air. Sam had such a look of happiness on his little face, it was truly wonderful.

It might seem like a really small, insignificant thing for your child to kick a ball with purpose but for us it was a brilliant achievement. Well done Sam!!

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