Tuesday, 2 March 2010


We went swimming for the first time in ages today. And it was William's first time in the water too. He started screaming at first, so much so that I thought about just taking him to get dressed and watching Sam from the sidelines. But we persevered and Andy got him back in the water soon after and he really loved it! We have one of those inflatable swimming seats and William was quite relaxed floating around in it, and was even turning himself around. Sam loved the pool as usual, and I think he probably drank his own weight in pool water!


  1. Hi Laura,
    Sorry to use this for a personal message, feel free to delete it.

    I wanted to apologise fro storming out of the ABA debate over at ASDf, but I really really truly do not have time to get involved any further! I found your enquiry - and GOM's too-strenuous denial of the positives of ABA - on ASDf cos I searched under the term to see if anyone there was using it. I am always looking for new ideas.

    When I saw GOM's reply to you, I felt it would be right thing to do to try to balance his response to your initial request for information.
    I registered so as to contribute to the forum in a specific way and ended up in a showdown in my first ever online forum! With a VERY Grumpy OM! OOPs.
    I had no agenda whatsoever, just wanted you to know that. But I really don't need the stress reaction I had for the past few days when reading entries on the thread! (proper full-on adrenaline rush, which I hate and takes me ages to recover from).

    Anyone in your position needs to inform themselves, and seek what works's for their child and family.
    I am glad the discussion interested you.

    Best wishes and enjoy your kiddies!

  2. Don't know if you will read this again but thanks ABAmum. I'm sorry it got so stressful for you but if you ever think about coming back to asdf I'm sure you will see all the positive things people can offer too! It's been a real lifeline for me, both in knowledge and support. Best wishes to you and your family. Laura xx

  3. That's Ok, I'm still popping over there to read back through the Forums (Fora?), but I've been burnt so I shan't be contributing anything for a while. At least and until I have more time to think through what I am going to say so it's as well balanced as possible.

    Been there with the PND after baby no2, BTW- pure pants!
    best wishes
    A person who keeps changing their online ID (not settled into this yet)