Thursday, 18 March 2010

Loving this Nursery!!

Sam had an interesting nursery session yesterday. When we went to pick him up we noticed he had a reddish tinge to bits of his skin. At first I thought it he'd scraped himself falling or something like that but then we noticed it was paint. The nursery teachers had wondered what he'd been up to as he had gone very quiet and when they found him by the easel they saw that he had emptied a pot of red paint all down himself!! I've tried cleaning him up as best I can, but he is still pink in places!

We found out yesterday afternoon too that there was an parents open evening at the nursery last night, so we ended up going to that. We got to meet the support worker who will be working with Sam for his 2 afternoons a week from April onwards. She was so nice and explained how they would be helping Sam. Once he has been there a few weeks they will be assessing him with a specialist teacher and/or an educational psychologist so that they can apply to have a statutory assessment done by the local education authority (LEA). Hopefully this will lead to getting him a statement of special educational needs which is wonderful. Goodness knows he's going to need all the support we can get him. This nursery really have been making a wonderful effort with him already and now I'm feeling really positive about Sam's future there.

On another positive note, my diet/excercise programme has been going really well. Since the beginning of the year I've lost 11 pounds! All I've done really is cut out the snacking and gone out walking with the boys everyday.

We had a lovely walk this morning around Tarn Hows. For those friends reading this from abroad, we live near the Lake District. There are so many incredibly scenic places to visit and we love this particular one as the walk around the lake is pushchair friendly and it generally only takes us about an hour (without lots of stops). My legs may be regretting this tomorrow!

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  1. Congratulations on the weight loss! You've given me hope! And it sounds as though you've been having similar ups and downs to me over recent weeks, but hopefully you're still feeling positive at the moment. The weather down her has helped, it's been like summer!!