Thursday, 11 March 2010


I've wanted to blog for a few days now, but not been really sure what to say. I've had a few low days recently which have probably been down to sleep deprivation and if I am being honest (which I wanted to be on this blog) some post natal depression as well. Some days there is just a big cloud around my head and I can't seem to lift it. However yesterday and today have both been good days so hopefully I can keep up the momentum for tomorrow!

Sam's been a bit off colour this last couple of weeks. He used to be such a good sleeper and now he keeps waking in the night crying, sometimes once, sometimes several times and it can take an age to get him back to sleep. Other times he doesn't go back to sleep at all. He is also eating hardly anything at all. Breakfast is fine, lunch ok ish, but after that he seems to just not be interested in eating or drinking at all, even some of his favourite snacks. Just not sure what to do, perhaps he is too tired to eat? Really hope it's just a phase.

His nursery days are still going well. He's due to start nursery properly in April as it is the term after his third birthday. He will be moving to a classroom called the green room which has a special needs teacher. Over the next few weeks he'll be visiting the green room during his private nursery sessions to help get him used to it. This nursery is so caring I love it! When Andy dropped him in there yesterday a couple of little girls came running over to Sam and helped find his photo on the wall which goes over the peg for his coat and hat. Little things like that really bring a tear to my eye as I'm sure however lovely they were being, he hadn't a clue.

We have started to wean William now. I was getting a bit fed up with him trying to launch himself at our food all the time and getting upset when we wouldn't give him any. So he is on baby porridge in the morning and baby rice in the evening till he gets used to it, then we can start him on more interesting stuff! I did let him suck on a banana the other day, mainly because he lunged at one I was eating. He made light work of it that's for sure! He lurves his grub!

Spring is in the air here! We've had some lovely mild sunny days, long may they last. They really lift my spirits and hopefully also the weight off my bum as I can now get out more for exercise! Yay!

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