Saturday, 2 January 2010

Sam's Birthday

Ok, so sorry to be all doom and gloom at the start of a new year, but unfortunately today has not gone well at all. Sam was still not feeling very well and has had tantrums/meltdowns all day long. He's been having really bad meltdowns for the last few days which are not normal for him at all, he's usually a fairly happy boy! I am ever so grateful to Kate, a family friend who has been coming over to help me with him whilst he's been like it and Andy's been at work. She's lovely and has really helped me to cope.

Sam did manage to pull it together for some of his presents which we presented to him unwrapped and also for the chocolate birthday cake strangely enough! :) He loved the sensory ball my mum got him and also the Handy Manny doll with tools (from the playhouse disney channel) that Andy and I got him. Then of course the new moon sand set went down a treat! (I'm sure moon sand has actual magical calming powers!)

Luckily he's gone to bed straight away tonight bless him, hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!

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