Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Christmas and New Year

Well, I hope everyone has had a nice Christmas. Ours was ok. We had my dad stay with us for a few days which was nice as we don't normally see family on Christmas day. He was a big help to me with looking after the boys and he even painted our bathroom for us (thanks dad!).

Sam had no interest whatsoever in opening any presents. He didn't even want to look at them when we were opening them for him. He got a bit more interested once the gifts were opened and his favourite one was a slinky that only actually cost me 99p! I think it felt a bit disappointing because we had expectations for having a 'normal' Christmas with frenzied present unwrapping and an excited little boy and the reality was a bit different. Boxing day was much better though without the pressure (or presents) and we had a happier little boy. William was his usual baby self, and is smiling a lot more now and watching his big brother with fascination!

Sam is 3 on the 2nd January and I am contemplating giving his gifts to him unwrapped and seeing what happens. Hopefully it will be less stressful for him. He's battling a heavy cold at the moment so we're not sure yet if we'll be doing anything for his birthday. He LOVES swimming so if he's better we'll probably do that!

Well, I'm really looking forward to 2010 and I'm hoping good things come our way after a not so good 2009. I'm wary of making resolutions but I have a little list of things I will TRY to accomplish:
  • Losing my baby weight (will involve a lot of will power as I am a chocoholic!)
  • Getting the house finished in terms of decorating/organising.
  • Getting Sam potty trained, communicating and settled in at nursery.
  • Being more patient!
  • Winning the lottery (well I can dream, can't I?!)

Hope you all have a terrific New Year!!!


  1. Hello Laura! Thanks for putting my blog on your list. I'm excited to read and follow your blog. Praying for your son Sam.


  2. Thank you Ara, that's so sweet. I've been enjoying your blog for quite a while now!