Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Second Nursery Session and an Afternoon Off!

Sam went to his nursery again today for the afternoon. This time it was just myself who took him. I wasn't sure what to expect today as he had been awake since about 6am and would have usually taken a nap. But he seemed ok when we went in so I (gulp) left him! I returned 2 hours later and he was a little upset, mainly from being so tired, but he did really well, hopefully next time he will have had more sleep! I found it really hard to leave him there, but I guess it had to happen sometime. :)

So with Sam at nursery and our friend Kate watching William I had 2 whole hours to myself!! So I went and did some shopping, filled the car up with petrol and generally clock watched whilst checking my mobile phone for missed calls from the nursery (which never called by the way!). I stopped in loads of shops to browse which I could never do with either of the boys with me as they get bored easily. It was the strangest feeling but really nice too.

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