Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Holiday and Post-Holiday

Well we went off to Cornwall for a week. Well it was supposed to be a week, but we came back a few days early as the weather was so bad, raining non stop, and with 2 little kids in a small holiday cottage far away from most of their toys that they can play indoors with, it's a little grating on one's sanity! We did manage to have one beautiful warm day so we hit the beach in the morning and a play farm in the afternoon. The boys loved the beach. It was William's first time and he made the most of it! Trying to stop him eating the sand was probably the hardest part. Sam as usual LOVED it, loves the sand, loves the splashing. In fact if we lived near the ocean he would probably end up being a surfer dude one day!

On the bright side the boys were wonderful car passengers there and back, probably helped by watching Bear in the Big Blue House on the dvd player.

Well, we've been back nearly 2 weeks now and are slowly working through our list of jobs that need doing, next on our list is painting the living room and kitchen!

The boys have been doing a lot of interacting this last week. Poor Sam, he is being chased now by a very fast William who will not leave him alone. He gets prodded, whacked, climbed on, and he just let's him do it! In fact, probably 75 percent of the time I think he is enjoying it. This is great, more interaction has got to be a good thing to help him progress.

Another plus is that Sam seems to be coming out of the toast phase he was in. He's now back to eating his instant oats for breakfast and yoghurts too. It may be a small thing to be so pleased about but when he eats such a tiny range of things it's great to know he's getting just that little bit of extra calcium and other vitamins.

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